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Online Platform

Open Collective Foundation uses the Open Collective Platform to manage our finances.

Open Collective

The Open Collective platform gives every group we host a page online where you can:
Learn more about all the Open Collective platform features.
To see all this in action, check out OCF's hosted Collectives. Thanks to transparency, you can see all their activities and how they use the features for yourself.


One of the greatest strengths of our platform is the full transparency of both where money comes from and where it goes. When expenses are approved or contributions come through, the balance is updated in real time!
The ability to see your Collective’s financial position and goals gives credibility to your organization, especially in the early stages, and helps to build an environment of collaboration and trust.
With a transparent process, team members and contributors can feel confident that the funds are being put to good use, while private details like emails, names, and addresses are only visible to administrators. Financial transparency creates stronger collaboration. Plus, when it’s time to report back to funders, you can just send them a link to your Open Collective profile.
The platform’s financial features also encourage best practices:
  • No more messy spreadsheets
  • Clear system of approvals and oversight
  • Financial processes are accessible to your team, funders, and community
Administrators, team members, contributors, and third parties such as potential funders or partners can all see what funds are coming in and what funds are going out (don’t worry - sensitive personal details remain private).