In-Kind Contributions
Donating or Accepting Non-Monetary Donations
To make an in-kind (a.k.a. non-cash) contribution, please contact the initiative about your intentions. You and the initiative should work together to facilitate the contribution.
Once the contribution has been made, and the contributed items are in the initiative’s possession, the initiative should notify Open Collective Foundation staff. So that we can report accurately on the contribution, please send the following information to [email protected]:
    Name of initiative
    Name of contributor (whether an individual or organization)
    Date received
    Detailed description of goods received
If your initiative will be regularly accepting non-monetary donations, you can also batch them all together and send OCF a spreadsheet at the end of each month. This will ensure we can keep all of this required information for us for our records. Feel free to use this template if it helps!

Tax-deductibility of in-kind contributions

Please be aware that the value of a contributor’s time or services is unfortunately not tax-deductible in the eyes of the IRS. However valuable, pro-bono or volunteer services, professional or not, are typically not tax-deductible charitable contributions.
For a contribution to be tax-deductible, there needs to be a transfer of ownership. Open Collective Foundation can only provide tax receipts for tax-deductible contributions.‌
A couple of examples:
    Allowing someone to rent an item or space for free would not qualify as a tax-deductible contribution, since it is a service given free of charge, but itself not a financial contribution
    Giving an organization a gift card for services can count as a charitable contribution, since the gift card is then held by the organization

Tax receipts/acknowledgment letters for in-kind contributions

‌If the contributed items are tax-deductible in the eyes of the IRS, we would be happy to provide the contributor with a tax receipt.
In order to receive a written letter of acknowledgment, please email OCF with the following information:
    Date the donation was received
    First, Last Name of contributor (whether an individual or organization)
    Contributor’s contact information (Email preferred)
    Name of Initiative
    Detailed description of goods/services donated
If your contribution has not yet been reported by the initiative, please see the procedure for reporting an in-kind contribution above.
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