Governance is the structure of rules and practices used to manage and direct an organization. Governance is a function ultimately responsible for an organization achieving its mission, setting a strategy, staying in compliance with laws and regulations, and managing risk. The board of directors is the primary influence on an organization's governance, by its direct decisions, and through the processes, policies, and delegations it sets out.

OCF aspires to interpret governance through the lens of our mission & values, and our guiding principle of solidarity. Governance is a critical aspect of the compliance and oversight of OCF as a 501(c)(3) non-profit responsible for the funds of our Collectives and the public trust. Therefore, our approach to governance involves more traditional structures and functions, like overseeing annual audits and policy oversight, and more participatory processes, like the Collective-selected board seat the community will be voting on in late 2022.

Like everything about OCF, our governance approach continues to evolve as we grow and learn. And like everything at OCF, we welcome questions and feedback about it.

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