Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement

The Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement (sometimes called FSA) is the legal agreement that defines the relationship between OCF and a hosted Collective.

It includes a “plain English” version alongside it to help you understand the ins and outs. And we really encourage you to read the whole thing.

For some key highlights of the agreement, see our Policies.

Have any questions? Reach out to us.

  • This agreement is the official one when it comes to the issues covered in this document, regardless of any other communication or understanding between us. We both have to agree for this agreement to be changed.

  • You check a box agreeing to these Terms when you submit an application for hosting under OCF.

  • We will manage your funds according to the processes explained [See Exhibit A of the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement] We might adapt or improve them over time. If they change, we’ll let you know. These are our policies and processes.

  • You can’t hold funds for the OCF-hosted Collective in another account, or simultaneously have another fiscal sponsor for this Collective while we are your fiscal host. See our Outside Accounts Policy for more details.

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