Basic FAQ

How can I contact Open Collective Foundation? Where can I go with questions or concerns?

Email us at [email protected]. We will respond as soon as we can!
You can also join our Slack to get in touch with the entire Open Collective community. Check in at the #ocf channel.

What is the difference between Open Collective and Open Collective Foundation?

Open Collective is the software platform, which is made by a company called Open Collective Inc. Open Collective Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) entity that uses the platform to provide fiscal hosting services. The two entities are legally completely separate, but share some of the same staff members and community guidelines.

What is the difference between fiscal hosting and fiscal sponsorship?

These two terms mean the same thing. See our Fiscal Hosting page for a detailed description.

What are your fees?

See our Fees page!

How does paying people work?

Payees should submit an expense in order to receive payment from a hosted Collective.

When are payments processed?

How can people donate to my Collective?

Individuals and organizations can contribute to your Collective in a variety of ways, including by credit card, bank transfer, and in-kind donations. See Financial Contributions for more information.

Will our application be approved?

As long as your group is legitimate, meets all of the eligibility requirements, is aligned with one of our impact areas, and has no conflict with the Terms or limitations of our program, you can expect to be approved. We will follow up with you via email if we have any questions or concerns about your application.