Setting Up GitHub Sponsors
This document is a guide to connecting Github Sponsors for Organizations to your initiative. This option is currently only available for initiatives fiscally hosted by the Open Collective Foundation, which will hold the funds on behalf of your project.
Note: Transaction data about the funds you receive through GitHub Sponsors will be shared with Open Collective Foundation in order to credit your budget.
This guide is only for initiatives using Open Collective Foundation as their fiscal host. Before signing up using this guide, confirm that your initiative has a fiscal host, and the fiscal host is Open Collective Foundation. You can see this on your initiative's home page:
If you have another fiscal host you will need to choose 'Fiscal Host: Other' when signing up for GitHub Sponsors and work with your fiscal host to get their bank account and tax information.
Open Collective Foundation initiatives can use Open Collective to receive GitHub Sponsors funds by following these steps:
    Confirm that you have a GitHub organization (not an individual user account). You can create a GitHub organization by following this guide.
    Create an initiative for your charitable initiative if you don't already have one. You will need to use Open Collective Foundation as your fiscal host. Note: Open Collective also has a thing called "Organizations" but this is unrelated. You need an Organization on the GitHub side and a Collective on the Open Collective side. Sorry for the confusing terms!
    Visit and sign your Github organization up for the Sponsors waitlist. ✔️ Select: "This organization is using a fiscal host" and select Open Collective Foundation from the menu. ✔️ For non-profit status, answer: “Yes, this organization has nonprofit status but and can receive tax-deductible donations from individuals (e.g., 501c3)”
Click Join Waitlist. GitHub staff will review your application, and you'll be notified when you can proceed to the next step.

Setting up Stripe Connect

Once your application has been approved by GitHub, you need to connect Open Source Collective's Stripe account by following the below steps:
When you first click on the Stripe Connect account link, you will be taken to a Stripe sign up page.

Country of operation and contact information

You will be asked to select the country where you legally operate from, or receive payouts in.
As Open Collective Foundation is a US entity, select United States.
Enter your own phone number and email, which will be used to verify the account and to send updates.

Verify your phone number

Next, you will be asked to verify the phone number you gave:
Once the phone number is verified, you will start filling out details about the fiscal host, Open Collective Foundation.

Business details (about Open Collective Foundation)

This next section is asking questions about the business. As an initiative fiscally hosted by Open Collective Foundation, you need to enter OCF’s details here.
    Legal business name: OpenCollective Foundation
    Doing business as: Name of your initiative
    Business website:
If you are asked for an EIN or "commercial registry number", put in OCF's EIN: 81-4004928

Executive details (about you)

Next, you will be filling out details as the acting executive for the initiative. Use your personal information on this page.

Payout details

Finally, you will input bank account information. Funds you receive through GitHub go to Open Collective Foundation’s bank account, so they can credit the money to your Collective’s budget on Open Collective.
    Routing number: 123205054
    Account Number: 486726836
After that, you should be all set! ✌️😎

Frequently Asked Questions

What fees will be charged?

The standard Open Collective Foundation fees apply to funds raised via GitHub Sponsors: 5%.
GitHub does not charge a fee.

Should I create an 'Organization' or an 'initiative'?

Confusingly, GitHub and Open Collective use the word "organization" to mean two different things.
    On GitHub, you need to create an Organization to use Sponsors for your project.
    On Open Collective, you need to create an initiative for your project (Organizations on Open Collective's site are a different profile type, for companies who are fiscal hosts, or sponsor open source projects, i.e. for paying money out not accepting money).
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