Open Collective Foundation can fiscally sponsor initiatives that meet the following requirements:
🌟Make sure to review our Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship agreement, Processes and Limitations, and overview of fiscal sponsorship and fiscal hosting to ensure that your initiative fits with our service. (“Plain English” hints are provided with our Terms to help you decipher the legalese.)
During your time with Open Collective Foundation and on the Open Collective platform, you and anyone involved in the initiative are expected to follow our Community Guidelines and adhere to the platform’s Terms of Service.

Not Required

Here are things that are not required by Open Collective Foundation that are sometimes requested by other fiscal sponsors:
  • No application fees.
  • No yearly flat fee (only a small percentage fee on funds raised)
  • No minimum budget balance.
  • No minimum amount you have to raise per year.
  • No duration requirement (You can leave Open Collective at any time)
  • No onerous application process, just a few straightforward questions.
  • No intense reporting requirements (the platform automates that!) other than posting a straightforward annual Update to your Collective page.
Open Collective is a home for your community or collaborative charitable project - no matter how much money comes in.
If accepted to be hosted by Open Collective Foundation, any raised funds are now part of the 501(c)(3) space and must remain in it. This mean if you ever want to transition away from OCF or close your account, the funds will either need to be disbursed to the community or transferred to other 501(c)(3)s.

Ready to Apply?

If you meet the above requirements, check out How To Apply for your next steps or Submit an Application.
Or to learn more about How it Works, keep reading these Docs:
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