What We Offer

Why Join the Open Collective Foundation?

  • You’re raising funds for a charitable mission that aligns with our’s.

  • You’re ready to start receiving tax-deductible donations, but don’t want to open a separate bank account or aren't yet ready to form a legal entity (like a 501(c)(3)).

What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive (Model "A") Fiscal Sponsorship/Hosting

  • 24/7 Access to:

    • Your customizable account dashboard on our open-source platform

    • Our Docs & Help

    • Slack support channels

  • We act as your legal entity

    • Your group doesn’t need a bank account

    • We maintain tax-exempt status for your initiative, and we include your transactions in our tax filings.

  • Receive payments via multiple payment methods and add them to your budget

  • Financial Administrative Services:

    • Receiving and Disbursing funds based on expense requests (after your core team's approval)

    • Tax form management

      • We collect relevant tax forms and file for 1099s

      • 1099 forms automatically sent out to your contractors who invoice >$600

    • Checkout processes from other revenue streams (i.e. if you are part of an affiliate program, are selling shirts, etc.)

    • Invoicing

    • International payment processing options for receiving/disbursing funds

Dashboard to manage your Initiative

  • See your budget at a glance: how much money you've received and from whom

  • Request expenses/grants via PayPal, wire transfer or Transferwise.

  • Real-time reporting of your budget

  • Show your donors (financial contributors) how the funds are spent

  • a URL to give to your donors for them to make a donation via PayPal, credit card (on our site), wire transfer or checks.

  • Support for connected services like ACT Blue, Benevity, AmazonSmile, Facebook /Instagram Fundraisers.

  • Two-Step Approval Process for disbursement:

    1. Your initiative's admins first approve the expense payout,

    2. Then our team disburses the approved funds on a 2x/week basis

When someone submits an expense that puts them over the $600 threshold, you will be sent an email with a link to complete your tax form online. This email will come from HelloWorks, the system we use to handle the forms.

Your expenses will not be paid out to you until you submit the tax form. More about getting paid here.