Open Collective Foundation (OCF), while primarily focused on supporting US-based projects, is supported by an international, collaborative team. Many members of our team work not only with Open Collective Foundation, but with Open Source Collective and elsewhere in the Open Collective network.

  • Founding Director: Pia Mancini (Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Executive Director: Alanna Irving (website)

  • DI Grant Coordination/Advisor: Alyssa Wright,

  • Support staff:


  • Kaitlin Thaney is the Executive Director of Invest in Open Infrastructure, a non-profit initiative dedicated to improving funding and resourcing for open technologies and systems supporting research and scholarship.

    She previously served as the Endowment Director for the Wikimedia Foundation, where she led development of a fund to sustain the future of Wikipedia and free knowledge. Prior to joining Wikimedia, Thaney directed the program portfolio for the Mozilla Foundation, following her time building the Mozilla Science Lab, a program to serve the open research community. She was on the founding team for Digital Science, where she helped launch and advise programs to serve researchers worldwide, building on her time at Creative Commons, where she crafted legal, technical, and social infrastructure for sharing data on the web. She's a Trustee of LYRASIS, a technology and services nonprofit serving higher education, libraries, archives and museums; and Code for Science & Society, a fiscal sponsor serving the open source and public interest technology sectors.

  • Andrew Trask

If you are interested in joining the team, check our Hiring page or get in touch.