What we offer

Financial Administrative Support

  • We act as your legal entity.

    • Your group doesn’t need a bank account.

  • Receive payments via multiple payment methods and add them to your budget.

  • We are responsible for receiving and disbursing funds based on expense requests (after your core team's approval)

  • Maintain tax-exempt status for your fund, and we include your transactions in our tax filings.

  • Tax form management (we collect relevant tax forms and file for 1099s)

  • Checkout processes from other revenue streams (i.e….)

  • Invoicing

  • International payment processing options for receiving/disbursing funds

  • CSV import/export options

Dashboard to manage your Fund

  • See your budget at a glance: how much money you've received and from whom

  • Request expenses/grants via PayPal, wire transfer or Transferwise.

  • Real time reporting of your budget

  • Show your donors how the funds are spent

  • a URL to give to your donors for them to make a donation via PayPal, credit card, wire transfer or checks.

  • an FAQ for connected services like ACT Blue, AmazonSmile, Facebook /Instagram Fundraisers.

  • Two-Step Approval Process for disbursement:

    • Your fund's admins first approve the expense payout,

    • Then our team disburses the approved funds on a 2x/week basis