What is OCF?
Open Collective Foundation (OCF) is a fiscal sponsor (aka fiscal host) (what's that?) dedicated to providing a simple, open, lightweight path for charitable initiatives and communities to operate through a 501(c)(3) charitable entity (what's that?).
Hosted initiatives that align with our impact areas have access to the unique Open Collective online platform for managing their funds. They can also receive tax-deductible contributions through our 501(c)(3) status.
What is Open Collective? It's is an open-source, online fundraising platform for open and transparent communities. We provide the tools you need to raise and share your finances in full transparency. 'Open Collective' founded 'Open Collective Foundation' as part of its mission to help collaborative groups collect and spend money transparently.
For the latest on our approach to fiscal sponsorship and the solidarity economy, check out Solidarity as our Guiding Principle.
Open Collective is a growing ecosystem. In addition to OCF, in our network, we also have:

For Initiatives

We exist to take care of the difficult administrative aspects of running a 501(c)(3) so that—instead of a bunch of compliance headaches—you can focus on impact work in your community! You don’t even need to set up a legal entity or bank account.
Through Open Collective Foundation, you can:
  • Manage finances transparently
  • Receive tax-deductible contributions
  • Pay project expenses
  • Pay your team, contractors, and vendors
  • Receive financial contributions by credit card, PayPal, electronic bank transfer, check, or donor-advised fund
  • And more
Open Collective Foundation can be the home for your initiative’s finances. As your fiscal host, we can be your legal entity and provide you with the financial tools you need to make an impact on the world! Read more about what we offer.

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For Donors and Funders

Open Collective Foundation’s hosted initiatives are totally transparent about how their funds are used, taking the pain out of financial reporting for both you and your grant recipients. Our platform also ensures that your donated funds go to our hosted initiatives quickly and easily so they can get down to the business of serving their community.
💡 If you would like to learn about making tax-deductible financial contributions to our hosted initiatives, see the Financial Contributions overview.

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